LACOS offers its clients a wide range of language training programmes from individual courses to group training courses, always customised to fit in with the individual requirements of the course participants. Our company has an extensive network of trainers that are able to react flexibly to any requests. And distance presents no obstacle for us: LACOS operates throughout Belgium, not just in large urban centres, but also in smaller locations in both Flanders and Wallonia.
Language training courses are becoming increasingly important. The Flemish government is aware of this too. It reimburses companies for as much as 30% of the costs for training courses on the condition that they are provided by a recognised training provider. Following a thorough audit LACOS was awarded the ‘recognised training provider’ quality label which is great news for all clients. They can now claim a considerable proportion of their training costs back from the Flemish government and are able to offer their staff professional language training thanks to LACOS’ professional services.

Who is entitled to receive this subsidy?

Almost any small or medium-sized company or professional with offices in Flanders can benefit from this offer. And anyone in a company, irrespective of their job title can participate in the training courses. From doorman to general manager, bakers, masons, lawyers, self-employed people, business leaders and partners.

It is only possible to apply for this subsidy via the Internet as the application, processing, granting and management of the subsidies are handled entirely via an electronic file.

Need help applying for a subsidy?

LACOS will be happy to help you, contact us